The New Standard Of Kitchen Shoes Is Here

The New Standard Of Kitchen Shoes Is Here

A known problem in the hospitality industry: kitchen shoes are terrible. For a workforce who is on their feet for nine, ten, twelve hours, there are surprisingly few options in terms of footwear. One sees a lot of Danskos and Birkenstocks in kitchens, but those shoes were not built for the kitchen experience—spills, smells, sharps, and all. Any restaurant worker has a lot to say about  shoes and foot pain.This problem was identified by Portland-based MISE, who has built a shoe expressly for the hospitality industry.

Mise - The New Standard Of Kitchen Shoe Is Here

MISE’s high coverage slip-on sneaker is made using durable materials—many of them byproducts of the culinary industry—and designed with substance, style, and sustainability in mind. The shoe has four components: a sleek upper, a non-slip outsole, a removable, washable internal bootie, and a contoured midsole, all built for easy cleaning.

Mise - The New Standard Kitchen Shoe Is Here


Minimal construction, with a sleek silhouette.

  • Featuring Full-grain, aniline Cowhide Leather, a byproduct of the culinary industry
  • Single-piece construction lessens risk of leaks, cracks and splits associated with seams
  • 2.6mm thickness is twice as thick as standard leather used for footwear
  • Painted edges shield against moisture and spills
  • Durable construction ensures feet are safe from sharps, heat and splashes
  • Reduces risk of leaks and grime buildup with an upper stitched to the outside of the midsole.

Made with recycled materials, chosen for their non-slip and oil-resistant qualities.

  • Featuring BLOOM STRIDE TPR with a renewable content of at least 45%, offsetting a significant portion of traditional petroleum-based TPR.
  • Made by processing algae from ocean water.
  • Engineered for long shifts and hundreds of supported miles in the kitchen.
  • Traction-pattern engineered for safety and stability, no matter what surface you’re working on.

Fits like your favorite athletic shoe, with flexibility and breathability.

  • Modularity and simple construction allow for easy cleaning and replacing.

Contoured & supportive fit, tuned for comfort and easy removability.

  • Featuring BLOOM TPE with a renewable content of at least 45%, offsetting a significant portion of traditional petroleum-based TPE.
  • Made by processing algae from ocean water.
  • Keeps feet feeling supported with all-day comfort and firmness.
  • Can be easily removed for swapping and cleaning.

Pre-sale and website launch: December 13
Pre-order delivery date: March 2022
Retail cost: $129 

Mise - The New Standard Kitchen Shoe Is Here

How it started

In 2010, husband-and-wife designers Erik Hernandez and Samantha Noyes were living in Los Angeles, developing shoes for Vans and Asics, respectively. During their time there, Hernandez and Noyes developed a passion for the restaurant industry while dining at restaurants and getting to know chefs.

The couple left Los Angeles in 2012 and relocated to Portland, Oregon, where Hernandez landed at Adidas. In 2013, Noyes started Studio Noyes, her own shoe design company. Following four years at Adidas, Hernandez joined Studio Noyes as a designer.

Throughout this time, Hernandez continued his love for dining out and connecting with chefs. In speaking with food industry folks, he found he was hearing the same complaint from them time and time again: their feet were killing them and their shoes did virtually nothing to alleviate their pain. Wanting to do something for the people who served him on a near daily basis, and seeing that there was a significant gap in the shoe industry, Hernandez began developing the design for MISE in November 2019 as a side project.

As the project progressed and the vision became clearer, Studio Noyes took on MISE as a client, where they conducted surveys and connected with head chefs, line cooks, bartenders, dishwashers, bakers, and more restaurant industry professionals to learn what a hospitality-focused shoe would need.  

With Hernandez as the founder and creative director, Sean Maisano as the lead designer, Noyes as the head of brand strategy and Alexandria Jee selecting colors, materials, and collecting consumer insights, MISE had officially moved from a side project to a brand that could actually make a difference.

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