The Rise of the Ghost & Cloud Kitchens

The Rise of the Ghost & Cloud Kitchens

It is impossible to imagine our streets without food couriers and thanks to the pandemic, online food ordering has received a huge boost and everything looks set to continue this trend in 2022. Growth projections for the next few years are shooting through the roof without taking into account any effects due to lockdowns or restaurant closures.

With this trend also came the creation of the so-called ghost kitchens. A ghost kitchen, cloud kitchen or dark kitchen is an online restaurant without a physical location to eat, where you can only order dishes for delivery. The idea originated in London to experiment with different concepts with little risk and see if they catch on without the big risks of opening a new restaurant.

The ghost kitchens in London have caused a few controversies in recent years. This had to do, for example, with the fact that dishes were made from one kitchen for different virtual restaurants without this being clear to the people ordering food. 

Another problem loomed large when it turned out that delivery platforms were using their own cloud kitchens and the data from a certain region to tailor restaurants/dishes to what is most often ordered there. Somewhere very clever, but it does become a less level playing field for competition.

The trend is likely spread to more industries in the future. The power of big data seems to have reached the hospitality industry and might have a big impact in the near future, especially when it comes to takeaway and delivery services.

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