What platform should I use to build my own website?

You want to start a website, but where do you begin? There are many players on the market today who can probably serve you well, but how do you make the best choice?

It's too easy to call one of them the best, because each platform has certain characteristics that may better suit your needs. Big players such as Shopify, Wordpress, Woocommerce and Magento have the advantage that there is a large community working with them and therefore also a wider range of third parties linking to the platform. But if you only want to use your website as an online business card, none of that is necessary.

It is important to realise that if you have specific requirements that need to be developed because the portal does not offer them, this will always cost money in development and maintenance. Our experience is also that maintenance is often not done often enough so that bugs and malfunctions can occur because the platform itself has made adjustments. We always try to find a platform that suits your needs and to which we can connect reliable third parties who are involved in the development of the platform.

We do not participate in pointing out the best platform, because this really depends on what you expect from your website or webshop. We can only advise you after we have a picture of your company and make a suitable advice without any obligations. Do you want to know what would be the best platform for you? Then contact us today.