Why you should offer your products via Social Media

Social media, we all use it more than we would like sometimes. If we were to look at the screen time on your phone, we are pretty sure that Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook or Twitter are in your top 5.

We all use them on a daily basis and the platforms do everything they can to make sure we stay there as long as possible. Until recently, these platforms were mainly focused on giving you an update on your friends and interests, but nowadays the shop part is becoming more and more important.

At the moment, companies can advertise their products on many social media platforms, but in the United States it is already possible to complete order and payment within Instagram. Why is this interesting for you? Whether you operate locally or you are a global player, your customers and guests are most easily reached through Social channels.

For example, you have a new dish on your menu. Showcase it on Instagram and post it before dinner time on a Sunday. Your local customer who is relaxing on his couch watching Netflix and starting to get hungry while checking his Socials... we don't need to explain anymore, do we?

Activating Shopping on Social Media can often be tricky, partly because of the link with your website. We are happy to give you advice and support to get the most out of your Social Media. Contact us here for more information.