How to Use Ecommerce to Boost Your Restaurant's Sales

How to Use Ecommerce to Boost Your Restaurant's Sales

We have all noticed recently how the world can suddenly change. The Covid pandemic has forced many of us to work differently than we used to. Shopping streets remained empty, office workers worked from home and the hospitality industry had to find new ways to create sales.

Restaurants that had never thought of taking away food or making deliveries started to create menus that could be prepared at home. In the beginning, many lessons were learned, but in the meantime, many restaurants no longer want to do without. Customers, too, are increasingly experiencing the convenience of having food delivered to them after a long day at work, and the offer is growing rapidly. In the households of many working families, it is almost impossible to plan for their daily self-catering activities alongside their busy workdays and social commitments.

Even though the restrictions of the coronavirus have been largely lifted (for the time being), the road to greater convenience is now open. Enjoying a restaurant-quality meal at home was not a temporary trend, but will remain and the options will expand and improve.

With Shopify you can easily open your online restaurant for delivery and takeaway, in addition to allowing the visitor to already taste the atmosphere. You can create a webshop without coding knowledge by using the many themes offered in the Shopify Theme Store. Almost everything can be created within the platform thanks to the wide range of apps in the Shopify App Store

Are you still paying a lot of commission to the Uber, Deliveroo and Just Eat services? Or do you have questions about the possibilities within Shopify? We are happy to share our experiences with you. We would like to help you set up and manage yourShopify store.
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