ChefsAlert | Chef Bertrand Grébaut from restaurant Septime in Paris, France

Bertrand Grébaut

Bertrand Grébaut had a revelation alongside world— famous chef Alain Passard, with whom he started as an intern after leaving a promising graphic design career(he was as a member of the Kourtrajmé collective). At l'Arpége, he came to understand that cooking could be both sensitive and committed, and afar from prevailing trends. That belief has never left him. Bertrand was on a roll as soon as he left the Ferrandi School of cooking (at the head of his class).

After working as an executive chef at Michelin star restaurant L'Agapé in Paris and travelling the world for several months, he opened Septime, his first solo venture. His cooking is both rooted and well travelled, constantly redefined by new encounters. Bertrand
embodies the Septime spirit, where the chef is not an authority figure, but rather a creator of surprising tastes. His obsession is to craft the dishes that define the moment without fixatinq on what‘s “cool”; he looks for simplicity and emotion. The world recognition he has attained for many years now has not changed this approach.

ChefsAlert | Chef Bertrand Grébaut from restaurant Septime in Paris, France

Restaurant Septime

The original location, opened in the spring of 2011, was named after the old-fashioned chef from the 1966 movie Le Grand Restaurant starring Louis de Funès. It was a tongue-in-cheek homage, since we at Septime keep a respectful distance from the all-French ways and means of classical fifine dining - while honoring that heritage in our own way.

The DNA of the restaurant is unambiguous : served in a luminous setting, the set menu evolves with micro- seasonality, as exceptional produce is being cooked with swagger. We proudly display a delicate approach to lunch and dinner experiences, offering custom service. Here at Septime, the sometimes uptight ceremony of « Auteur cuisine » is brought to you with a spirit of lightness.

80 Rue de Charonne
75011 Paris

+33 1 43 67 38 29|

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Septime (text)
Alexandre Guirkinger (photo chef)
F.Flohic (photo restaurant)

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