Jaimy Reisinger | Chocolate never fails to fascinate me

"Chocolate never fails to fascinate me"

Jaimy went to art school when she was 14, but after 2 years she discovered that this wasn’t what she wanted and decided to follow her dream and start an apprenticeship as a pastry chef. She loved pastry as a child and had experiences in pastry boutiques before and started applying for jobs at fine dining restaurants. She went to London to learn about french pastries with a main emphasis on wellness desserts and recipe development at Le Cordon Bleu and currently work at restaurant Artis in Austria. 

Why did you decide to become a pastry chef? 
During my apprenticeship I found out that I had a passion for combining different flavors and creating plated desserts. Also my first chef had been the head pastry chef in one of the best restaurants in Austria for years and so through him, I discovered a love for the kitchen environment. 

Jaimy Reisinger | Chocolate never fails to fascinate me
What was the most special event you have had the privilege of experiencing in your career? 
First one was definitely a national pastry competition organized by "Falstaff Profi", which is a magazine for gastronomy. This is just such an amazing competition which allows young chefs to show their skills and get to know a lot of amazing chefs. The second one was being able to attend Le Cordon Bleu. This really had a great impact on my technical and nutritional knowledge about pastry. The chefs at  Le Cordon Bleu have an incredible expertise and are very engaged an passionate about teaching you as much as possible.

What do you think is the most interesting industry trend? 
Through Social media you are constantly informed about current industry trends. So I think nowadays it's not that hard to stay on track. I think one of the most interesting things that also challenges a lot of chefs and especially pastry chefs, is creating vegan dishes. I found that this is becoming more and more popular nowadays and it's very interesting to create vegan desserts without compromising in terms of taste and texture.

Who inspires you most?

I am constantly inspired by great chefs. I feel like there are too many to count. Chefs who are passionate about their work inspire me and chefs who create their own techniques and recipes. Also the chefs I currently work with inspire me a lot, since we constantly talk about new menu ideas and learn from each other's experience.

What is currently your favorite ingredient? 
Despite of all the interesting ingredients there are, and despite the fact that I love working with ingredients I have never worked with before, my all time favorite is still chocolate. It is definitely one of the most important ingredients in the pastry section. It is versatile, complex and extremely temperamental and that is something that never fails to fascinate me.

Are there any sustainable or socially responsible projects that you or the restaurant are participating in? 
At the restaurant I currently work at, we already have a very low wastage of food, since we follow the "carte blanche" concept of having no menu. We serve our guests surprise menus which allows us to process food into dishes that need to be processed before throwing it away.

Do you have a signature dish you are most proud of? Since I always try to evolve my knowledge and my skills, the dish that I'm most proud of is almost always my latest dish.

Which chef would you like to invite to cook together sometime?
There are too many great chefs to just pick one.

Jaimy Reisinger | Chocolate never fails to fascinate me


If you have the chance to turn back time, what would you have done differently with today's knowledge?
I am a firm believer that everything I have done in the past, has led me to where I am now. So the answer to that is nothing.

What advice would you like to give to all the boys and girls who want to start a career in the hospitality industry? 
Be curious. Ask your chef as many questions as possible and practice a lot. Don't be afraid of failing. Failing is a gift that teaches you a lot. So fail as much as possible and never stop learning.

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