Norbert Niederkofler | Restaurant St. Hubertus in San Cassiano, Italy

Norbert Niederkofler

Norbert Niederkofler was born in 1961 in Luttach in the Ahrntal valley in South Tyrol / Italy where he grew up with his 4 sisters. After graduation Norbert attended the hotel school, spent a total of 15 years abroad, working in Germany, United States, Switzerland, Austria and Italy, among the others.

In the early nineties, Norbert returned to South Tyrol and since 1994 he is in charge of the restaurants at the Hotel Rosa Alpina and among them also of the St. Hubertus restaurant which was opened in 1996. Norbert Niederkofler denotes that respect for the products and knowledge of the right cooking technique retrieve the most out of the taste and that is the focal point of his culinary art. Norbert Niederkofler perceives his commitment for the preservation of the local cultural heritage as a vision for its future.
Norbert Niederkofler | Restaurant St. Hubertus in San Cassiano, Italy

Cook The Mountain

"Cook the Mountain" is an idea by Norbert Niederkofler and Hugo Pizzinini, which dates back to the year 2011 aiming to give South Tyrol a new culinary identity. Best practices of sustainable cultivation and the related cultural and social impacts create strong synergies between agriculture, scientists, historians and cooks. Centuries-old legacy of fostering land and culture should be inspiration and mission heritage to transmit to the future generations. A crucial point of „Cook The Mountain” is the approach of no waste, to try to avoid it buying only the necessary and changing the consumer behaviour. In that way we can avoid leftovers, the excess of food and we treat the natural resources in a responsible way.

St. Hubertus

The crackling fireplace welcomes the guests in the St. Hubertus foyer and sets them up for a cozy evening. Natural wood and hunting trophies give the ambience an elegant and alpine atmosphere. Ten tables, one by the fireplace and one with a window to the kitchen, are discretely allocated throughout the main dining room. History

Back in 1996, the Pizzinini family decided to dedicate the back of the pizzeria to the gourmet kitchen ran by the new chef Norbert Niederkofler, recruited by Rosa Alpina in 1994. The aim was to raise the level and reputation of the hotel becoming attractive for an international clientele. Awards came pretty quickly thereafter: The First Michelin star was awarded in the year 2000, the second in 2007 and the third in 2018.

Norbert Niederkofler | Restaurant St. Hubertus in San Cassiano, Italy

A radical and courageous decision was made after careful considerations in 2011: Classic gourmet cuisine with fine products from all over the world was replaced – the new leitmotiv was territoriality and seasonality in the consciousness of our old traditions from that moment onward.

"Cook the Mountain" - the name says it all: Norbert Niederkofler communicates his philosophy of life through his dishes, which stand for an authentic mountain cuisine. The menu is developed by Norbert Niederkofler together with his team. Each plate is created following the principle that the palate has to perceive something greasy, something crunchy and something fresh. We would like to point out to our esteemed guests that ingredients such as fresh dairy products, local meat and freshwater fish are an integral part of the authenticity of the Cook The Mountain experience.

Strada Micurà de Rü 20
39036 San Cassiano

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Source: St.Hubertus

Photo Credits:
Marco Sartor (restaurant & food)
Alex Moling (chef)

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