Ooni Koda 16 | The secret to make your own perfect pizza

The secret to make your own perfect pizza

We at Chefsalert are lovers of Italian cuisine. Every summer we travel to this country to enjoy the pastas, but especially the delicious Roman and Neapolitan pizzas. Upon returning home, we are always inspired with new Italian cooking styles, ingredients and recipes, but making our own pizzas has never crossed our minds. Until we gotta try the Ooni Koda 16..

The Ooni Koda 16, as the name suggests, is suitable for 16inch pizzas. But we are already using it as a stylish outdoor kitchen, thanks to handy accessories like the Dual-Sided Grizzler Plate. Which allows us to use the oven for cooking meat, fish and vegetables as well.

The unboxing gave us a similar feeling as we experience with the products of Apple and the sleek design could have been conceived by their design department. The installation was simple and within no time the oven was ready. Now all that we needed was pizza dough, sauce and toppings. 


Ooni comes with an app where, in addition to recipes, instructional videos and an online shop, you are able to calculate how much of every ingredients you need for the dough, based on the number of pizzas. We did cheat a bit here and ordered dough from our local pizzeria. Preparing the pizzas with the sauces and toppings was a joy, especially for the kids who came up with creations that are not yet known in Italian cuisine. As far as we know.

Preheating the oven to 500 degrees took us about 25 minutes. With the infrared thermometer from Ooni you can easily and safely check the temperature from a distance. The 60 seconds that Ooni promised seemed a bit optimistic to us, until after a minute and a half we took a look at the first pizza and found a blackened variant. After a few pizzas we had mastered a good mix of timing and temperature control. The next try-outs were even more successful and rivalled some of the pizzerias we have visited in the past. We're getting better and better

Our conclusion.
The Ooni Koda 16 is a stylish addition to any outdoor kitchen and any pizza lover who wants to match or even surpass the quality of a restaurant pizza themselves. The oven is easy to use and to us it is already more than just a pizza oven thanks to its many accessories. For us, a passionate search has begun for the best ingredients and new recipes, because with this oven, baking the pizzas perfectly is no longer a challenge. 

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