The Samura Shadow Collection owes its name to the modern look with black handles and black coated blades. The blades are made of high quality AUS-8 stainless steel. This originally Japanese type of steel is known for its toughness and sharpness retention. The blades are also treated with a special non-stick coating which prevents products from sticking to the knives. The handle is made of black ABS.

The Samura Shadow knives are extremely light and are therefore very easy to use. The balance of these knives is at the back so that the knife fits nicely in the hand when cutting.

The Shadow Collection

Samura Shadow Knife Set (2pcs)


Samura Shadow Santoku Knife


Samura Shadow Chef's Knife


Samura Shadow Slicing Knife


Samura Shadow Nakiri Knife


Samura Shadow Utility Knife (large)


Samura Shadow Utility Knife (small)


Samura Shadow Paring Knife