ChefsAlert eBook and/or eRecipe Seller Terms and Conditions


All ChefsAlert Sellers must agree to the existing Agreement in order to sell their eBooks or eRecipes on By accepting this agreement upon registration as a Seller, you accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement and willingly choose to become a member of this Site. ChefsAlert reserves the right to modify this Agreement and said revisions will be effective immediately. All ChefsAlert Sellers will be notified about revisions to the Agreement and continued use will constitute acceptance of the revised Agreement by the Seller.

Becoming a ChefsAlert Seller

  • To deter fraud, all Sellers are required to become registered members of the Site. To register, you must provide your legal name, address, phone number and active email address as well as your financial information. Your personal registration information is confidential and will not be transmitted to any third parties in accordance with ChefsAlert policy. By accepting this Agreement, you authorize ChefsAlert and its agents to make necessary inquiries to establish the validity of your user information. This may take the form of a credit check, credit card authorization and/or some form of address verification..
  • After completing the user registration process you need to request approval for becoming a Seller. When listing the item(s) via the form, the Seller assigns a price and describes each item. As a Seller, you agree to sell your listed items at the prices you set and to provide complete and accurate descriptions of the items listed for sale including edition.

Responsibilities of the ChefsAlert Seller

  • Accurate listing
    The Seller agrees to accurately list all book information and descriptions including, but not limited to, the proper categorization of international editions, instructor editions, sample editions and annotated instructor's editions using book traits. The Seller will make note of any differences regarding content (including exercises and problems) when listing international, instructor's, or annotated editions. The Seller also will not misrepresent different editions, publication years, or other information with the intent of misleading buyers to a version other than what they are searching for.
  • Commissions, compensations and payments
    The Seller’s payment is issued once per month via the payment method chosen: either via IBAN or via PayPal. The seller receives 75% on the sale of his books, unless otherwise agreed. ChefsAlert pays out this amount once a month and the seller receives (in case of sales) an email with an overview of the sales. Turnover is calculated on the amounts excluding any taxes charged and cancelled purchases.
  • Returns
    ChefsAlert policy must allow returns within at least 14 days of delivery. Any buyer who returns a book due to an error on the ChefsAlert Seller's part (item not as described etc.) will be issued a full refund. Buyers must request permission to return an eBook or eRecipe within 14 calendar days from its receipt.
  • Communication requirements
    All Sellers are required to list a valid contact email and a valid phone number. All communication with buyers is expected to be professional and courteous. Any disrespectful remarks to customers and/or ChefsAlert staff will be taken seriously and may result in a refund/cancellation of an order, account suspension, or other action.

Your Warranties to

  • For all items you list as a Seller, you guarantee that your item descriptions and quality ratings accurately represent the condition of items offered for sale.
  • You guarantee that the information you provide us and other members is accurate, legal, contains nothing that can be interpreted as pornography, does not violate copyright law, and contains no viruses and/or other destructive electronic devices. Items must be listed by the ISBN printed on the product by the publisher. An item may not be listed if it is described in a "materially different" way from its ISBN product information, except as it applies to the quality of the item. An item is considered “materially different” if the ISBN is in any way different from the ISBN product information listed on Some types of material differences include but are not limited to: international editions; softcover books listed under hardcover ISBNs/editions; pdf files; scanned textbooks; instructor/teacher editions; instructor solutions manuals; test banks; solutions manuals with no ISBN; older editions listed under newer ISBNs, book club editions; uncorrected proofs; advanced reading copies of books; and out of print books with no ISBN.
  • You agree to indemnify the Marketplace and all its associates guiltless against all cost and expenses incurred by the Site and its associates that arise from any claim by third parties related to your actions or omissions.


  • ChefsAlert  provides its services on an "as is" basis and makes no warranties of any kind.
  • ChefsAlert claims no responsibility for any damages which may result from the purchase, sale, distribution or use of items sold through
  • You agree that ChefsAlert is not responsible in any way for the accuracy or suitability of any payment of taxes to any entity on your behalf. You shall indemnify and hold the Marketplace and its associates guiltless against all liabilities that may arise out of any third party or governmental claim that concerns (a) any federal, state or county tax obligation, (b) any dispute concerning the tax status of a ChefsAlert member as a reseller of books or other items.
  • ChefsAlert reserves the right at any time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Site or any part of the Site with or without notice.

Results of Violations to the Agreement

  • Investigations. In the event of complaints or violations, we may conduct an extensive investigation. You agree to cooperate fully and without reservations with such investigations.
  • Violations, Termination and Suspension. We may suspend or end your access to this Site, and remove your listed items if you (a) violate this Agreement; (b) do not cooperate with an investigation of a reported violation; (c) we are unable to verify your personal and/or financial information; or (d) we believe you are involved in illegal activity. Payments due to you may be suspended while an investigation takes place. We are not obligated to pay you for any sale if we have good reason to believe the items sold were in violation of this Agreement.
  • Disclosure of Information. Unlawful conduct may be reported to law enforcement officials in accordance with the ChefsAlert Policy, and, as previously stated, we will cooperate fully in order to insure prosecution of offenders.
  • Making Adjustments. You authorize us to withhold payment for any money owed to if one of the following situations is true: (a) a sale is canceled for any reason; (b) a cancellation or refund is issued according to our ChefsALert Buyer Protection Policy; (c) we have reason to believe you committed an illegal act during the buying or selling process; or (d) you owe us a specific amount for any sale made through your Seller account.

Prohibited items

  • Pornography. All items of an adult-themed nature are prohibited
  • Illegal or stolen items. This includes items obtained unlawfully as well as books that violate copyright laws
  • Electronic versions of textbooks, solution manuals, PDF files, or other study aids (including, but not limited to, electronic versions listed under the paper version's ISBN)
  • Any item without an ISBN
  • Advanced reading copies or uncorrected proofs
  • Counterfeit, pirated, scanned, or knockoff versions of textbooks and other books

Other violations of Marketplace Seller terms and conditions include:

  • Listing inaccurate or incorrect book information using book traits or item descriptions (including ISBNs) resulting in the misrepresentation of inventory
  • Non-response to ChefsAlert Customer Service staff inquiries
  • Listing stolen items
  • Threatening or abusive language or attempts to intimidate ChefsAlerts staff, fellow ChefsAlert Sellers, or buyers
  • Inclusion of personal or political commentary that may be considered defamatory in book descriptions
  • Attempting to bribe a customer with benefits in exchange for positive feedback or other similar actions