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Building, managing and expanding a website takes time and experience. We are here to provide you with advice and take over the work as much as necessary. You can use our services when it suits you and our work includes all related matters of E-commerce.

We work with reliable partners and are familiar with various integrations to link your platform with, for example, your administration or your courier service.

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Your creations visible outside the shopping street

People are spending more on good food, and speciality food shops are benefiting from that. Your specialities may already be well-known locally, but many people from your region might prefer to drive out to buy something unique.

The advantage is that this customer will want to order in advance to avoid disappointment, so he will already place the order online. This allows you to make a much better estimate of the quantities you need and you are not left with stocks that have a short shelf life, which is not only sustainable but also cost-effective.

Find new opportunities to boost your sales.

Take away & Delivery for Gastronomy

Whereas until recently delivery and take-away mainly involved catering establishments such as pizzerias and sushi restaurants, Covid19 has resulted in many restaurants from other segments finding their way online. This does not seem to be a temporary trend, but rather a new target group that likes to experience the luxury of the restaurant at home.

We would like to help your restaurant to benefit from this trend and also offer connections with the cash registers in your restaurant and your administration system.

We are happy to discuss the opportunities and challenges for your restaurant.

Reach a new target audience