Damascus Nakiri Knife

115,69 EUR
✓  Multiple layers of steel
✓  Heavy weight
✓  Composite handle


The Damascus Nakiri Knife is a beautiful kitchen knife suitable for professional use. The blade is made of 67 layers of damask steel and the handle plates are made of G-10. The balance of the knife is at the back so that the knife fits nicely in the hand when cutting. The blade extends all the way into the handle, which provides more strength.

The Nakiri knife is a Japanese vegetable knife and is suitable for cutting all vegetables, but also herbs. The knife will last longest if it is not cleaned in the dishwasher.

The Damascus Collection 
High-end knives with blades famed for their outstanding sharpness, distinctive flowing patterns, and resistance to shattering.


Samura Damascus Nakiri Knife
Knife Type Nakiri Knife
Blade Steel Damascus
Layers of Steel 67
Blade Hardness 61HRC
Blade Length 167mm
Handle Material G-10
Total Length 310mm
Total Height 48mm
Total Width 25mm
Net Weight 252g
Gross Weight 440g
Package Dimensions 358x96x35mm



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