Raw Tridens Rib Fork + Beechwood Holder

73,55 EUR
✓  Raw Stainless Steel
✓  Perfect ergonomics

✓  Beechwood holder from sustainably managed forests


Born from the encounter between the Latin American tradition and the modernity of Design "à la française", our Tridens fork will seduce you!

The fork Tridens innovates with its contemporary design specially designed to offer perfect ergonomics whatever way you handle it. The middle tooth will allow you to grip the rib bone therefore make carving and cutting easily.

This fork is for people like us, travelers, curious, those who like to share and get together around a good table.

If you and your loved ones are passionate about good food, like to share simple things you will appreciate this beautiful utensil.

This Design is made for you!

The quality of this fine product lies into the hands of our experienced manufactures from the Nantes region.

The fork is made of food grade stainless steel by a precision casting with lost wax. The presentation base is manufactured by an ESAT (disabled adults). The wood species come from France and are from sustainably managed forests.

Aimed at the general public as well as restaurants, the catering trade and especially to lovers of beautiful meats, this Tridens fork represents the ideal gift. The moment of carving must be a moment of pleasure!

Take the bull by the horns! Your rib has finally found its accessory!

Washing Instructions

The Raw Tridens fork is made of stainless steel that perfectly meets the expected requirements for materials in contact with food. If you do not wash it immediately (in the dishwasher or by hand) rinse with warm water.

  •  Follow the dishwasher recommendations and cleaning products manufacturers instructions (do not overdose in product, adjust according to water hardness, take care of the level of rinsing liquid).

  • Pre-rinse as soon as possible.

  • Do not use any abrasive sponges

  • Wipe off any excess of water with a soft cloth

  • The Tridens fork holder is made of plain wood, you can choose to oil it using a plain cooking oil to protect it from stains

  • The finishing touches gives this unique utensil its outstanding character.

  • Keep out of reach of children, handle with care


Raw Tridens Rib Fork
Type Meat Fork
Fork Material  Stainless Steel
Fork Weight  0.550kg
Fork Size 110x165x25mm
Holder Material Beechwood
Holder Weight 0.350kg
Holder Size  105x160x35mm



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