7-piece cooking pot set Hotel Line Downdraft

255,37 EUR

7-piece cooking pot set Hotel Line Downdraft

Especially for hobs with integrated extraction. Quality you can expect from Berghoff. The vapors are led to the extraction by means of a vacuum cleaner. a worldwide patented system in the lid.

Berghoff launches revolutionary cooking pot solutions for, among other things, downdraft extraction systems. This cookware prevents heat loss for energy-efficient cooking and directs odors and vapors from inside the pot directly to the extraction system.

The Berghoff downdraft pans have a matching glass lid with integrated air channels in the silicone rim to stimulate airflow. The lid can be used to seal the pot, to speed up the heating process and to keep the heat and flavors in the pot while cooking.

dishwasher safe

18/10 stainless steel

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