Monolith ICON Pro Series 2.0
Monolith ICON Pro Series 2.0
Monolith ICON Pro Series 2.0
Monolith ICON Pro Series 2.0
Monolith ICON Pro Series 2.0
Monolith ICON Pro Series 2.0
Monolith ICON Pro Series 2.0
Monolith ICON Pro Series 2.0
Monolith ICON Pro Series 2.0
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Monolith ICON Pro Series 2.0



    Despite its compact size, the ICON is a complete all-rounder and a portable barbecue. It is slightly lower than the Monolith Junior and weighs around 35kg.

    It is perfect for the balcony, terrace or simply taking with you. The ICON offers you all the possibilities of the larger family members and more, perfect for picnics and camping.

    Monolith Icon BBQ

    A portable tabletop grill with unique extra features – a removable lid allowing you to place the ICON fire plate directly on top turning your ICON into a plancha or teppanyaki-style grill with different temperature zones and even a port for temperature controls.

    Perfect for meat, fish, vegetables and more – no limits set – the ICON leaves nothing to be desired

        Do it like a pro and grill directly over the red-hot coal – on the accompanying stainless steel or cast iron grid. Regardless of how you feel safe: the heat of the embers leads to quality meat with perfect taste.

        As soon as you have hung the deflector stone into the fire ring and placed it directly over the hot coals, the heat will move outwards in a controlled manner. The indirect heat cooks the food gently: The results are tender, juicy and delicious barbecue every time.

      3. BAKING
        With a Monolith there is no need to invest in a separate pizza oven. Now you can easily make authentic Italian thin crust pizzas or even American deep pan pizzas within minutes to impress your friends and family. This setup is also perfect for breads, cakes and pastries.

    Monolith ICON bbq


    Monolith Icon | The Grill To Go



    • ICON Fireplate
    • Wok Crown
    • Deflector Stone (incl. Lift)
    • Cast Iron Grid Junior (ICON compatible)
    • Pizza Stone Junior (ICON compatible)
    • Charcoals Basket Junior (ICON compatible)
    • WOK Set
    • ICON Cover

    MONOLITH ICON | The Grill To Go



    The Monolith Kamado Grill combines tradition, design, innovation and the most advanced technology of barbecuing in one device. A multi-function kamado, which can be used for grilling, smoking, baking, searing, barbecuing or roasting. Use your Monolith as a smoker, a pizza oven, put on the fire plate or heat up the wok. The possibilities are boundless.

    Barbecue, low temperature cooking, baking, smoking and searing – whichever way you prepare your dishes, the Monolith Kamado Grill will always enable you to achieve perfect results. Whether you want high temperatures for the perfect steak or low temperatures for smoking – the Monolith delivers it all.

    Due to its unique thermal efficiency the Monolith Kamado Grill needs very little energy to generate and maintain the desired temperature so with just 2,5 – 3kg of charcoal the Monolith can cook low and slow for more than 24 hours. Furthermore very little oxygen is required to maintain temperature and air movement is minimal so meats stay moist and juicy.

    Compared to other barbecues the Monolith is extremely fuel efficient delivering high temperatures with minimal waste and makes searing a couple of steaks a breeze. Simply open the top and bottom vents and air races in to quickly heat the charcoal. When done just close the vents to stop the air flow, the grill and fire area are now sealed and within a short time the charcoal embers die down ready to be re-used next time.


    The Monolith is made of extremely heat-resistant ceramics and high grade stainless steel. The robustly designed cart is made of powder coated steel, has two practical solid bamboo side tables and locking casters for safety.

    Monolith ICON BBQ



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