Bamboo Chef's Knife

30,57 EUR
✓  Steel handle
✓  Low weight
✓  AUS-8 Stain resistant steel


 The Chef's Knife is a European chef knife with a unique design. Its metallic bamboo-shaped handle not only makes this knife look awesome, but also reflects its main characteristics: in Asia this plant is a symbol of reliability and longevity.

This knife possesses all these qualities due to the wear-resistant Japanese steel AUS-8 that protects it from corrosion and deals with the products you got used to as well as exotic ones. Besides, the form of its handle prevents your hand from slipping.


Bamboo Chef's Knife 
Knife Type Chef's Knife
Blade Steel AUS-8
Layers of Steel 1
Blade Hardness 58HRC
Blade Length 200mm
Handle Material Stainless Steel
Total Length 320mm
Total Height 47mm
Total Width 20mm
Net Weight 113g
Gross Weight 253g
Package Dimensions 355x78x28mm



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