Ceramic Honing Rod

28,09 EUR
✓  Durable white ceramic
✓  Blade length: 254mm
✓  Maintain your knives' cutting edge 


This honing rod polishes your knives smooth and keeps their cutting edge sharp. Made of durable traditional white ceramic. The surface will realign edges quickly and work better on Japanese cutlery which tend to be harder. Its handle is shaped to perfection so it holds securely in your hand.

These rods are meant to hone a knives edge. Use it regularly at home to maintain a fine edge. Does not replace sharpening. 


Samura Ceramic Honing Rod
Material White Ceramic
Blade Length 254 mm
Total Length 372 mm
Total Height 47 mm
Total Width 23 mm
Net Weight 200g
Gross Weight 231g
Package Dimensions 43,4x11x5mm



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