Buy a Samura Damascus Chef's Knife? Find the best deals on ChefsAlert!
Buy a Samura Damascus Chef's Knife? Find the best deals on ChefsAlert!
  • SKU: CA02311

Samura Damascus Grand Chef's Knife

    ✓  Multiple layers of steel
    ✓  Heavy weight
    ✓  Composite handle


    The Samura Damascus Grand Chef's Knife is everything you love in our Damascus line, but in extra large size.

    The blade of the knife is made of high-carbon, corrosion-resistant Japanese steel VG-10 and is coated with 66 layers of softer steel, which gives it elasticity and protects it from chipping.

    It is an indispensable accessory in any kitchen. With this knife in your hand, most of the kitchen work can be done with much more comfort and pace, whether it's cabbage shredding or cutting of vegetables, meat, and fish.

    The Samura Damascus Grand Chef Knife was released in December of 2018, but it has already settled down in the kitchens of hundreds of professional chefs around the world. The knife will last longest if it is not cleaned in the dishwasher.

    The Damascus Collection 
    High-end knives with blades famed for their outstanding sharpness, distinctive flowing patterns, and resistance to shattering.


    Samura Damascus Grand Chef's Knife
    Knife Type Chef's Knife
    Blade Steel Damascus
    Layers of Steel 67
    Blade Hardness 61HRC
    Blade Length 240mm
    Handle Material G-10
    Total Length 378mm
    Total Height 52mm
    Total Width 25mm
    Net Weight 270g
    Gross Weight 486g
    Package Dimensions 416x96x35mm




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