Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener

49,58 EUR
✓  Electric Knife Sharpener
✓  Suitable for almost all kitchen knives
✓  Course and fine sharpening


The Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener is an electric sharpener for sharpening steel and ceramic knives. Suitable for kitchen knives, cleavers, ceramic knives and filleting knives, for example.
The Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener uses coarse diamond metal blades in step 1, and fine diamond blades in step 2.

Use the diamond metal discs to sharpen both sides of the blade. Insert the blade from the back and slowly pull the knife towards you. Not much force is required for this. Keep repeating this until all burrs and impurities are removed from the cut.

Use the fine diamond discs to polish the blade. This ensures a sharp and even cut which ensures a longer sharpness retention. You can also use the fine diamond discs for light grinding, for example to remove only the burrs. Also suitable for sharpening serrated knives.


Samura Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener 
Type Sharpener
Total Length 204mm
Total Height 93mm
Total Width 60mm
Net Weight 537g
Gross Weight 776g
Package Dimensions 230x182x88mm



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