Sharpening Stone 2000

32,22 EUR
✓  Fine Whetstone
✓  Final sharpening
✓  Equipped with a rubber holder


The Sharpening Stone is a fine whetstone which is suitable for sharpening your knife. The stone has a grid of 2000 and is intended to make the cut even sharper, this is a step that happens after the real sharpening. Equipped with a rubber holder in which the stone remains stationary during sharpening.

Use the sharpening stone by holding it under water for a few minutes before use, so that it absorbs itself. This creates a layer of water through which the sharps are drained.


Samura Sharpening Stone 2000
Type Whetstone
Total Length 190mm
Total Height 70mm
Total Width 24mm
Net Weight 294g
Gross Weight 380g
Package Dimensions (mm) 195x77x29mm


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