Sharpening Stone 3000-8000

56,19 EUR
✓  Finishing Touch
✓  Equipped with a rubber holder
✓  Combination Whetstone


The Sharpening Stone 3000-8000 is a combination whetstone which is suitable as the last step of sharpening. The fine side of 3000 is intended to make the edge even sharper, this is a step that happens after the real sharpening. After this it is the turn of the 8000 side for a sublime sharpening result and a knife that is as sharp as can be. Equipped with a rubber holder in which the stone remains stationary during sharpening.

Use the sharpening stone by holding it under water for a few minutes before use, so that it absorbs itself. This creates a layer of water through which the sharps are drained.


Samura Sharpening Stone 3000-8000
Type Whetstone
Total Length 190mm
Total Height 70mm
Total Width 35mm
Net Weight 534g
Gross Weight 563g



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