Set of cups Masterpro Borosilicate Glass 190 ml (2 uds)

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If you like to take care of every detail in your home and own the latest products that will make your life easier, purchase Set of cups Masterpro Borosilicate Glass 190 ml (2 uds) at the best price.
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Units: 2 uds
  • Capacity: 190 ml

This is a flute-shaped champagne glass is designed to be enjoyed at all kinds of events. This model is called the Barware and has been specially manufactured by Masterpro from high quality glass. Its design has deep-rooted origins in the manufacture of glass for this type of glass. It is also worth noting that its long and narrow shape allows the concentration of aromas; it can prevent the loss of carbonic acid that dissolves in the drink. One of its greatest virtues is that it allows you to appreciate all the bubbles that rise to the surface through the calyx. Since their appearance is completely adaptable, they are glasses that can be used in any circumstance, such as a family dinner, but they are also ideal for enjoying a more formal event. These glasses also come in a two-piece set. They offer a capacity of up to 190 ml. The manufacturing material of this model of flute glass is one of the best available. They have an excellent resistance, since, in case the glass is dropped, it does not break easily because the glass has a double wall that protects it. Some people feel that the transparency gives a classic, special and refined touch to the glass. It is the sum of all these qualities that make champagne flutes so interesting. Durability and resistance are some of the attributes that stand out the most in this type of glass. In the case of the Masterpro glass, it is worth mentioning that it is able to withstand low temperatures, below -20º C, and can even withstand the highest temperatures, such as those reaching 200º C. In addition, its perfect clarity together with the design of its angles makes this model of glass flute one of the most outstanding on the market. In addition to its elegant appearance and preservation of the style of the antique glasses, it also provides a modern display. Since any liquid can be poured into them, they are suitable for any age.

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